Europe must develop a consistent repatriation policy

2021 has been a busy year as several European countries have finally started repatriating their citizens. In the light of these recent operations, we have written a text evaluating these policies and addressing the many incoherences that still exist. For instance, whereas several countries have finally accepted to repatriate children with their mothers, many stillContinue reading “Europe must develop a consistent repatriation policy”

Open Letter: “Repatriate the European children and their parents in North-East Syria!”

An edited version of this letter was published in Middle-East Eye on 26 October 2020. The repatriation of the European nationals who joined various groups, militant or not, including ISIS, in Syria and Iraq has been dividing the European public opinion. There are currently more than 400 European adults and 700 children in the campsContinue reading “Open Letter: “Repatriate the European children and their parents in North-East Syria!””